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(Don't fall for the low price bait & switch heating system check up)

Proper Testing is Required for new and/or existing Equipment Setup and Verification

For Gas furnaces a Combustion analysis test should be part of the equipment installation, commissioning, and servicing procedure. This is a "very crucial" part of properly maintaining and operating fuel burning equipment.

A combustion analysis is basically a measurement of your system's flue gases to determine the completeness of the combustion process. Fuel combustion is the first step toward maximizing your furnace's fuel efficiency, and as a result it's extremely important to fully understand it.

The analysis tests (Carbon Monoxide levels, Oxygen Mixture, Flue Gas Draft, and Equipment Efficiency) these tests provide valuable information such as whether the system is operating per manufacturer specification.

When it comes to verifying proper operation of the installed equipment it is critical that measurements taken in the field are just as accurate as those taken in the laboratory. The installing and servicing Contractor have an obligation to assure that the equipment is operating at peak performance levels for the benefit of you the customer.

Ensure that your Contractor supply you with a "detail" start-up/check- up combustion analysis report that includes but is not limited to;

  • Carbon Monoxide Levels
  • %O2 (oxygen)
  • Flue Gas Temperature
  • %CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • Fuel Pressure Settings
  • Airflow Readings
  • Verification of Proper Draft
  • Verification of Proper Combustion and Ventilation Ait

And verification of proper operation of all limit and safeties as recommended by the manufacturer and as outlined in the International Fuel and Gas Code.

Combustion Testing is NOT an Option, But a Necessity on Every Gas and/or Fuel Burning Furnace

Unfortunately most Contractors haven't invested in the expensive equipment and time to properly learn how to perform this critical system analysis, which is an industry standard and best practice. William D. Taylor always provides a combustion analysis tester...printed report of the system to our customers.

This testing provides numerous benefits to you the end user:
  • Extends Equipment Life
  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Avoid Callbacks
  • Maintains Equipment Warranty
  • Provides Increased Comfort
  • Provides Increased Safety
  • Increases Energy Efficiency
  • Lowers Environment Emissions (Pollutants)

Here are some additional tune-up services you can and should expect to be performed on your furnace:
  • Check for Gas Leaks
  • Check Heat Exchanger for Cleanliness and Any Signs of Cracks.
  • Remove, Inspect, and Clean Burners.
  • Check Ignition System for Proper Operation.
  • Check and Clean Browser Assembly
  • Check Blower Motor
  • Check Electrical Connections.
  • Check and Clean Condensate Trap and Drain on High Efficiency Furnaces.
  • Check Humidifier for Proper Operation.
  • Replace or Clean Air Filter

Call William today and schedule your comprehensive heating system service for only $120.00



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